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If we are going to prepare our children for the world ahead, they must love to learn. At FasTracKids Fresh Meadows, your child will enjoy interactive programs that develop key school and life readiness skills such as critical thinking, creativity, confidence, communication and collaboration. Using innovative technology, your child is actively engaged in his or her own unique learning process.  FasTracKids offers early learning programs for children from 6 months up to 7 years
“The earlier you help your youngster appreciate that learning is a joyful adventure, the more likely he [or she] is to achieve his full potential in life.”

Our proprietary Educational Zig-zagging℠® method allows children to gather information through exposure to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning, meeting the needs of various learning styles. This method allows FasTracKids to accommodate many different learning styles, while identifying the development of different early learning skills. FasTracKids incorporates these elements in each structured lesson, providing opportunities for children to experience growth in each subject area while having a great time.strong>

The most important thing is that children have fun and carry a lifelong love of learning into their later years at school and in life.

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FasTrackids Core
Ages: 3 to 7
2 hrs – once a week

What is FasTracKids Core?
FasTracKids Core is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if fed the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early-on.

The FasTracKids Core enrichment program is designed to stimulate the mental development of potentially gifted 3- 7 year old children. It is a unique experience for children and complements preschool, home school, kindergarten and first grade programs. For 2 hours a week, this fast-paced, fun and fully interactive program captivates and entertains as it delivers truly meaningful lessons.

Our goals are to prepare children for school and life, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills, teach speaking and communication skills through videotaped exercises, teach the application and transfer of knowledge, promote leadership and personal growth and encourage a lifelong love of learning.

Why does my child need FasTracKids Core?
This program has so much to offer to each and every child that it should be mandatory for all of our children!
1. Raise a child’s I.Q. – up to 30 points.
2. FasTracKids’ enhancement of your child’s growth in education, assertiveness, critical- thinking, and communication skills compliments their schooling perfectly!
3. With FasTracKids, the transition into a highly successful public or private school education is virtually guaranteed for your child.

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FasTrack Music (ABC Music & Me)
Ages 2 to 4
45 minutes – once a week

Through the award-winning ABC Music & Me™ curriculum, children learn musical terms such as forte (loud) and piano (quiet).  Children get to move, sing, pretend, and share their love for music. As children engage in the music program, they improve their memory, cognitive development, learning skills and their ability to express emotion. Children also learn group social behaviors such as taking turns, cooperation and listening. Children are encouraged to explore instruments, which increases auditory discrimination and a foundation for future musical interests.
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FasTrack Signing
Ages 6 months to 24 months
45 minutes – once a week

This program is designed specifically for children; but as every parent knows their child can communicate before he or she is able to speak. In this program parents, caregivers and babies are taught how to communicate through gestures, even before the child can speak! Research shows that ASL practices may lead to increased IQ and may promote higher level of speech and dynamic impact on language development for your child. Having a way to communicate between parent and child can also reduce a lot of frustration.

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